Tuesday, June 15, 2010

We'll Leave It All Behind Us

Nation against nation
And kingdoms set apart,
And pestilence and famine--
Do you quake within your heart?--
Wars and rumors!--Are you troubled
And stirred up within your mind?
Oh friend in Christ, be not afraid,
We'll leave it all behind!

As lightning threaded over
The canvas of the sky
And striking through the storm clouds
With heaven's battle cray,
So comes the Son of Heaven,
His enemies to bind--
The days of darkness over--
Praise His Name!--Now left behind!

We'll leave it when the trumpet
Tramples oe'r the eastern sky,
When the saved surpass the summits
Of the mountains as they fly!
And Satan's final plummet
From his lie will be drawn nigh--
Yes, we'll leave it all behind us
When Christ calls us by and by.

Friday, June 11, 2010

I Shall Not Want

I shall not want for safety
While Jesus makes remark;
The shadows have no power
To move me in the dark;--
My Rock, and my Salvation,
Defense, and Covert Wing--
My Shield and Sun and Glory--
The Strength with which I sing!

I shall not want for peace
Within the pasture of my soul,
For naught shall move the grass there
While He is in control.
The winds that storm the body
For a mastery of the will,
Beyond all comprehension
Cannot conquer "Peace, be still!"

I shall not want for future,
A horizon ever nears,
Where peace shall dwell by safety
And rest resides past tears.
New eyes shall open slowly
To a light before not borne--
The light of Christ Eternal
Burst upon eternal morn!