Friday, June 11, 2010

I Shall Not Want

I shall not want for safety
While Jesus makes remark;
The shadows have no power
To move me in the dark;--
My Rock, and my Salvation,
Defense, and Covert Wing--
My Shield and Sun and Glory--
The Strength with which I sing!

I shall not want for peace
Within the pasture of my soul,
For naught shall move the grass there
While He is in control.
The winds that storm the body
For a mastery of the will,
Beyond all comprehension
Cannot conquer "Peace, be still!"

I shall not want for future,
A horizon ever nears,
Where peace shall dwell by safety
And rest resides past tears.
New eyes shall open slowly
To a light before not borne--
The light of Christ Eternal
Burst upon eternal morn!

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