Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I Hold a Dear Hand

When I was quite young
There's a time I recall,
When a hand that I loved
Held my hand still so small.
I remember that hand,
So affected by time--
Softened by age,
And wrinkled and lined.
Grandma, how do you manage?
Your hands are so old!
Then she told me the best thing
I've ever been told.

Today my dear son
Took his very first step;
His father was proud,
And I nearly wept.
This small letting go
Is the first of its kind;
Time passes like water--
He will leave home behind.
Son, how will you manage?
There's so much to know?
As my God is good,
He will answer me so.

So friend, if this life-light
Leaves you sorely dismayed,
And the pennies are gone
Before they've been paid;
Just look to His face,
And reach for His hand--
The best treasure you have
Is the warmth of His hand!
His promise is sure,
And your pathway He knows;
May this be the song
Of your heart as you go!

I hold a dear hand
Stretched from heaven above;
To the old and the young,
Jesus reaches in love;
And that same dear hand--
Once pierced cruelly through--
Is the same hand I'm holding,
Guiding me through.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Lord, Let Me Love

Lord, let me love in fashion
That is like the Savior's love
May eyes transmit compassion
That transcends from Thee above.
For hearing our entreaty,
Christ—not daunted by our need--
Extended love completely,
Making searching hearts

Lord, in my least expression,
Let love be laced among,
And may no situation
Find me without my song;
For songs among our sorrows
And hopes shared in the dark;
Bespeak the Savior's image,
Though the world denies His mark.

Lord, shaken by redemption
And covered by your care
And strengthened by salvation
May others follow there!
For how can they resist
If there shines, and shines, and SHINES,
Consistent and persistent,
The God that I call mine!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Alone in the Dark

Do you feel alone in the dark?
No one knew . . . no one knew.
Making sense of the dark
What is not--what is true.
So many hands reaching out for a sign--
Who the heart asks, can it trust this time?
People are frail; they are made out of dust;
There is just one set of Hands to trust . . .

You were not alone in the dark;
Oh, He knew--yes, He knew.
Once He hung alone in the dark;
Loving you--all for you.
He knew your pain, and He bottled your tears;
Now when dark closes in, He hears every fear.
Deep in the night when you're chasing down sleep,
Yours is the soul He's still longing to keep.

He said, “Let there be light!” He took the dark from the night;
He gave the blind man his sight--He reaches out for you.
He'll clear the dark from your room, like He cleared out the tomb;
No, you are never alone . . . You are His precious YOU!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

Now I lay me down to sleep
The dishes in the sink will keep
The overflowing trash will wait
The laundry never will out-date;
For more important than the stack
Are those who ate and did not lack
And those who knew the covering
Of clothes, and more, of Christ the King.

Now I lay me down quite spent,
The dust bunnies are all content
To wait until tomorrow, so,
I'll close my eyes and let them go.
For more important than the dirt
Was time to stop and heal a hurt
To listen to a heart in pain
And help it start anew again.

Now I lay me down to rest
Lord, you know that I did my best
Though sleepy now, I must confess
Beneath this darkness, lies a mess;
But Jesus loves a disarray
If that is how he plans a day
He doesn't see a bed unmade
But only how He's been obeyed.

Now I lay me down to snore
I didn't make “to love” a chore
I rocked, and read, and vanquished fears
I played, and fed, and dried small tears
I built up hopes while dusting fans
I colored sunsets in with crayons
So now, dear Lord, if you see fit
Let me rest myself a bit.

Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the Lord my mess to keep
Still my mind and calm my heart
And bless me with new strength to start.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

For what, my Christ?

For what, my Christ,
Was Godhead rent?
You--one of three--
His own blood spent
On Calvary.
What paradox!
Most glorious made
When by One owed
A debt was paid
And life endowed.
Such satisfaction,
Dearly bought--
Oh may my erring heart
Be taught a more
Obedient part.
For not a lifetime
Could have earned--
No, not ten lifetimes
Could have learned--
Yet you, dear Christ,
In moments knew
My total shame;
The nails passed through
My debt by name.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Timeless Prayer

Oh Father God, which ever art in Heaven,
Today I kneel and marvel at your name.
I am so glad your love is set upon me,
Through endless ages, evermore the same.
Thy kingdom come, in time that you deem perfect;
Thy Will be done, though I don't see the end;
So now, my burdens, take here at Your Footstool;
I trust them ever to my God, my Friend.

Oh Father God, which rules in earth and heaven,
Give us this day Thy Strength and Daily Bread
And needed grace to offer up forgiveness
As You graced us when once for all you bled.
The tempter lurks, but love lights up the pathway,
Though shadows fall, Your Spirit shines a light--
Lord, You are with me; I will fear no evil,
Thy Staff of Presence comforts through the night.

It may not be the answer I expected;
It may not be the end I had in mind,
But God—my Help, my Strength, and my Director--
Sees to the end, when I am poor and blind.
Though He race in with “Yea” and quick relieve me,
Though He in perfect wisdom answer “Nay,”
Or in foresight lift me up while waiting,
I'm trusting Him in every prayer today.

Surely my days, shall Thy blessed mercy follow,
Thy goodness glow, without and from within,
And I shall dwell within Thy house forever--
Oh Father hear my prayer. Amen . . . Amen.