Sunday, August 1, 2010

Timeless Prayer

Oh Father God, which ever art in Heaven,
Today I kneel and marvel at your name.
I am so glad your love is set upon me,
Through endless ages, evermore the same.
Thy kingdom come, in time that you deem perfect;
Thy Will be done, though I don't see the end;
So now, my burdens, take here at Your Footstool;
I trust them ever to my God, my Friend.

Oh Father God, which rules in earth and heaven,
Give us this day Thy Strength and Daily Bread
And needed grace to offer up forgiveness
As You graced us when once for all you bled.
The tempter lurks, but love lights up the pathway,
Though shadows fall, Your Spirit shines a light--
Lord, You are with me; I will fear no evil,
Thy Staff of Presence comforts through the night.

It may not be the answer I expected;
It may not be the end I had in mind,
But God—my Help, my Strength, and my Director--
Sees to the end, when I am poor and blind.
Though He race in with “Yea” and quick relieve me,
Though He in perfect wisdom answer “Nay,”
Or in foresight lift me up while waiting,
I'm trusting Him in every prayer today.

Surely my days, shall Thy blessed mercy follow,
Thy goodness glow, without and from within,
And I shall dwell within Thy house forever--
Oh Father hear my prayer. Amen . . . Amen.

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