Friday, August 27, 2010

Lord, Let Me Love

Lord, let me love in fashion
That is like the Savior's love
May eyes transmit compassion
That transcends from Thee above.
For hearing our entreaty,
Christ—not daunted by our need--
Extended love completely,
Making searching hearts

Lord, in my least expression,
Let love be laced among,
And may no situation
Find me without my song;
For songs among our sorrows
And hopes shared in the dark;
Bespeak the Savior's image,
Though the world denies His mark.

Lord, shaken by redemption
And covered by your care
And strengthened by salvation
May others follow there!
For how can they resist
If there shines, and shines, and SHINES,
Consistent and persistent,
The God that I call mine!

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