Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I Hold a Dear Hand

When I was quite young
There's a time I recall,
When a hand that I loved
Held my hand still so small.
I remember that hand,
So affected by time--
Softened by age,
And wrinkled and lined.
Grandma, how do you manage?
Your hands are so old!
Then she told me the best thing
I've ever been told.

Today my dear son
Took his very first step;
His father was proud,
And I nearly wept.
This small letting go
Is the first of its kind;
Time passes like water--
He will leave home behind.
Son, how will you manage?
There's so much to know?
As my God is good,
He will answer me so.

So friend, if this life-light
Leaves you sorely dismayed,
And the pennies are gone
Before they've been paid;
Just look to His face,
And reach for His hand--
The best treasure you have
Is the warmth of His hand!
His promise is sure,
And your pathway He knows;
May this be the song
Of your heart as you go!

I hold a dear hand
Stretched from heaven above;
To the old and the young,
Jesus reaches in love;
And that same dear hand--
Once pierced cruelly through--
Is the same hand I'm holding,
Guiding me through.

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