Sunday, August 22, 2010

Alone in the Dark

Do you feel alone in the dark?
No one knew . . . no one knew.
Making sense of the dark
What is not--what is true.
So many hands reaching out for a sign--
Who the heart asks, can it trust this time?
People are frail; they are made out of dust;
There is just one set of Hands to trust . . .

You were not alone in the dark;
Oh, He knew--yes, He knew.
Once He hung alone in the dark;
Loving you--all for you.
He knew your pain, and He bottled your tears;
Now when dark closes in, He hears every fear.
Deep in the night when you're chasing down sleep,
Yours is the soul He's still longing to keep.

He said, “Let there be light!” He took the dark from the night;
He gave the blind man his sight--He reaches out for you.
He'll clear the dark from your room, like He cleared out the tomb;
No, you are never alone . . . You are His precious YOU!

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