Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Quiet Place

Lord, keep me in the quiet place,
Restore the still within;
For I can hardly keep apace
With life--and my own sin.
But Lord, your yoke is easy;
Your burden--it is light--
Oh, draw me back to quiet,
To holiness and right.

Lord, keep me in the quiet place;
The noises take their toll--
And spent, my rent serenity
Evades my scattered soul.
Oh, let me hear the still small voice
Past earthquake, wind, and rain
And hearing, hear the Prince of Peace--
The Peace who bore my pain.

Lord, keep me in the quiet place
While quiet is Your Will--
Then leaving placid fellowship,
Cause me be quiet still.
For I am poor and needy,
And my own strength dwindles fast;
Oh Jesus, Peaceful Savior,
Keep me quiet to the last.

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