Monday, May 24, 2010


Resilient Lord? I cry to Thee--
The storm has seemed so long;
The wind out-blasts my little strengths
And carries off my song.
The rain falls steady--ever on--
To rival but my tears;
Joy cometh in the morning?
Not until this midnight clears.

Resilient Lord? I lift for strength
These feeble arms of mine,
For every weight too weighty seems
And yet more come with time.
My clothes soaked through with showers;
My mind without its muse,
And I bruised, all from falling
Over rock encumbered shoes.

Resilient Lord? My stooping form
Is not an Atlas frame!
And yet this pile of burdens
Weighs global just the same
Father, mother, brother, friend--
All in a heap on me,
And some days my own heart
Departs to the periphery.

Resilient Lord? I hear your voice
Now telling me, "Be still."
You speak to me in quiet
You whisper soft until
I understand your meaning,
Or else but know you near--
And find new strength for leaning
Though the answer's not yet clear.

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