Sunday, July 25, 2010

Be Still and Know

Be still and know your Elohim,
Creator of the bright and dim--
Who, to make light His first surprise
Canvased darkness on the skies.
Be still and know your Elohim,
Not diety of fate or whim,
But knowing what our choice would be
Gave us choice to choose Him free.
Be still and know the great I AM
Who bought the souls of every man,
And purchased with His blood our fears
Of sin compounded through long years.
Be still and know the great I AM--
The visage of the offered Lamb--
He read the scroll of tainted time
And then Golgotha He did climb.
Be still and know Christ Yeshua,
The promised one, Messiah come;
Who at the first made company,
Of us, His image, fallen away,
Be still and know Jehovah God,
To want us back—-Oh what a God!
To love us and perfection lend,
Unworthiness made right again.

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