Thursday, July 22, 2010

Who is This God?

Who is this God?
Who when I cannot speak
Translates my heart
Into a language not of earth--
And thus, He understands the weak.

Who is this God?
Who when I fail AGAIN
With one repentant breath
As if the fault had never been.

Who is this God?
That men place in a box--
Explain Him there and think to comprehend
The One--who in the end--
Holds keys to all their locks.

Who is this God?
If ALL had been just ME
Alone in sin--
His love for me as one
Had spread him still the same upon that tree.

Who is this God?
Who takes my little fears
And treasures them alongside offered prayers,
Midnight condensations--
And bottled tears.

Who is this God?
Eternity will spell but the first thought
Of what all time and more
Will sketch in galaxies
But not begin to tell.

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