Monday, July 26, 2010

Believing Draught

I cannot cease;
I cannot halt;
Upon my knees
My every fault
I offer up.
And then for blessing
God, I plead—
My griefs, my heart’s
Most minute need—
My dearest hopes.
For at thy throne
And near thy feet
Are wells untapped
And seas replete
For thirsty souls.
Don’t seek out men
And fools be-robed—
But seek the truth
That has un-globed
Their little roles.
I speak, O self-
Encumbered heart
Of living water
That restarts
A life at One
Believing draught.
This living water
Dearly bought,
Cost unstopped slaughter
Of a Father’s Son.
And with that Holy
Breath unspent,
All hell was crushed
The veil was rent—
The heart that stopped
But for a time
Was Deity,
And Blood Divine—
And hope from sin.

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