Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Never Doubt in the Darkness

Never doubt in the darkness what's known in the light;
God's pillar of cloud is a fire by night;
What you know about God in the day to be true--
Never doubt that in darkness, He'll prove it to you.

If you know that He's Savior while in a pure way,
Never doubt when you've fallen to cares of the day.
If you know that He's Holy with heaven in view,
Never doubt when the world numbers you with the few.

If you know that He's just when all men judge you fair,
Never doubt when you haven't a friend anywhere.
If you know that He's faithful in no sign of storm,
Never doubt when the western tempest would form.

If you know that He's loving when spectrum's appear,
Never doubt--when for clouds--you don't feel Him so near.
If you know that He's Counselor, Shepherd, and Guide,
Never doubt in obstruction, He stands by your side.

If you know in bright season He's Father and Friend,
Never doubt that he'll claim you as His 'til the end.
If you know at the sunrise, your needs will be met,
Never doubt His provision at evening's onset.

If you know that He's gentle and good in repose,
Never doubt when your heart doesn't feel what it knows.
If you know of no circumstance past His command,
Never doubt that you're held in the Palm of His Hand.

What freedoms are foundling! What passions ignite!--
If we doubt not in darkness, what's known in the light.

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