Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Maggie's Lullaby

If I had a lullaby
Sent from heaven to my arms,
Guilded soft with angel's songs
That could still the heart's alarms,
I would sing it every night;
I would rock so patiently,
So the everlasting arms
Could be felt by you through me.

If I had a lullaby
You could take with you in part,
I would whisper it in prayers
While I held you near my heart,
"Jesus is my lullaby,
Peace and solace in the night--
Take His lullaby, my child,
You will never lack a light!"

Child lay down in peace and sleep,
Leave your troubles for His mind,
For His thoughts are greater far
Than the thoughts you leave behind.
Rest in safety, for the day,
And the past, and what's to come,
All lay settled past the dawn
Near the heart of Christ the Son!

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